FRAmelco continuously seeks new solutions to address industry specific challenges related to optimized efficiency and increased profitability.

Proven solutions to address challenges in livestock production

The intensive animal industry constantly faces challenges related to increasing feed costs and the prevalence of diseases caused by different pathogens. Next to FRA Core Technologies, FRAmelco continuously seeks new solutions to address these challenges. Trends and developments are a source of inspiration to conduct new research, both in practice and at renowned institutes. Enabling FRAmelco to provide additive solutions, increasing productivity and profitability in a sustainable manner.


The withdrawal of animal proteins from livestock diets and the high prices for fish proteins challenge nutritionists to compose feeds from vegetable protein sources. These vegetable-based feeds contain high amounts of complex fibres, which are a real challenge for the microflora.

As endogenous enzyme production is not sufficient in young animals, a multi-enzyme concept can be of great interest to gain full benefit from diets with high levels of anti-nutritional factors and fibres. Combining specific enzymes supports nutrient digestibility and feed efficiency, reducing the risk of digestive problems.


Special solutions intended for all species: promoting animal health, improving animal performance and increasing profitability.

Mycotoxin binders

Mycotoxicoses are diseases caused by ingesting animal feed contaminated with mycotoxins. Depending on the mycotoxin, a variety of biological processes can be disturbed: causing diarrhea, liver and kidney toxicity, central nervous system abnormalities, reproductive disorders, immune suppression and others.

Mycotoxin binders aim to prevent the absorption of the mycotoxins from the intestinal tract of the animal by adsorbing the toxins to their surface. FRAmelco offers broad-spectrum mycotoxin binders with high binding capacities.

Increase performance with FRA Specials

Complementary to FRA Core Technologies, FRAmelco offers several products and applications based on years of experience and special customer demand. Because of the proven effect on animal well-being and performance custom blends and other client-specific applications are part of the FRA product portfolio. Feel free to inquire about our extensive range of products and applications.

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