Plant health & yield

FRAmelco offers cleaning & disinfection products designed to eliminate pathogens in watersystems and supply oxygen to the roots of your crops.

Greenhouse Hygiene

Growers try to minimize the impact of threats by wielding a strict greenhouse management. Unfortunately, this strategy does not always provide a 100% success rate. Certain micro-organisms are hard to kill and become a burden when not dealt with in time.

FRAmelco offers a range of greenhouse hygiene products, each with a different approach to eliminate harmful invaders. Increase biosecurity and create a hygienic environment to unlock the full potential of crops.

Improve greenhouse hygiene

A hygienic environment and water supply are crucial to keep crops healthy. Complementary to FRA feed solutions, FRAmelco offers brand-new watersystem cleaners and greenhouse hygiene products.

High quality products with the right service

As competition and persistent plant diseases are continuously affecting crops and grower businesses strong and potent watersystem cleaning and oxygen replenishing products are essential to maximize plant yield.

Knowledge and practical experience are what separates FRA Greenhouse Hygiene products from the crowd. FRAmelco offers a simple, yet effective, 3-step program to ensure a safe and clean horticulture environment.

A simple, yet effective, 3-step program

FRAmelco offers FRA Greenhouse Hygiene. A range of products that are complementary in the greenhouse cleaning and growing process.

Step 1: FRA Aqua-Care Horti, a dual active water system cleaner.

Step 2: FRA Horti-Clean, a heavy-duty foam cleaner.

Step 3: FRA Horti-Des, a broad-spectrum multifunctional disinfectant.

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