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Glycerides add value to animal health and performance. FRAmelco offers several Glyceride products, each addressing specific industry challenges.

The power of Glycerides

Glycerides are formed when glycerol is mixed with certain organic acids under a specific temperature, time and pressure. This esterification reaction creates amongst others α-monoglycerides, that have a strong effect on animal health and performance. Secondly, diglycerides are formed. Diglycerides also have the potential to improve animal health and performance. Thirdly, triglycerides are formed and used as energy source.

Combining mono-, di- and triglycerides with fatty acids harnesses the power of organic acids and enables it to capitalize on its full potential throughout the entire animal body.

Short- and medium chain glycerides of fatty acids

Fatty acids are classified under short- and medium chain lengths. In general, the length of the molecule attributes different characteristics to the application in livestock production.

In the past, organic acids were widely used for their antimicrobial effects. It is now known that glycerides of fatty acids have a much stronger antimicrobial effect. Above that, glycerides of fatty acids are in general non-corrosive and odorless.

Based on this knowledge, FRAmelco continuously develops effective products specialized for certain challenges.


Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience has learned that glycerides can target a broad set of benefits in livestock production. FRAmelco created a framework dividing the benefits of glycerides over three application areas: pathogen control, body defence and intestinal health.

Active in the entire gastrointestinal tract (GIT)

In the feed industry, organic acids are used as acidifiers of the GIT. However, new evidence suggests that the combination of glycerides and their fatty acids have a more far-reaching effect on animal health throughout the entire GIT.

The combination of mono-, di- and triglycerides bundles the strength of certain fatty acids enabling it to capitalize its full potential throughout the entire animal body. Because of their structure, the molecules dissociate at different parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Glycerides: in control of your production

Glycerides have proven to be an effective solution to control pathogens, support animal body defence systems and stimulate intestinal health. FRAmelco offers a range of innovative glyceride solutions that enables the livestock industry to maintain control over production factors.

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