Feed efficiency

Enzymes add value to feed efficiency. FRAmelco offers different combinations of specific enzymes that are proven to be effective in supporting nutrient digestibility, feed efficiency and reducing the risk of digestive problems.


In today’s animal production systems, high and sustainable growth is necessary to compete in a global market. This becomes a real challenge with complex diets in young animals, when the digestive tract and endogenous enzyme production are not yet fully developed. As consequence, impaired nutrient absorption and diarrhoea are common problems. To support digestion, enzyme supplementation has proven to be very helpful.

Benefit from the right fibres and enzymes

The withdrawal of animal proteins from livestock diets and the high prices for fish proteins challenge nutritionists to compose feeds from vegetable protein sources. These vegetable-based feeds contain high amounts of complex fibres, which are a real challenge for the microflora.

As endogenous enzyme production is not sufficient in young animals, a multi-enzyme concept can be of great interest to gain full benefit from diets with high levels of anti-nutritional factors and fibres. Combining specific enzymes supports nutrient digestibility and feed efficiency, reducing the risk of digestive problems.

A broad set of benefits

  • Active throughout entire digestive tract.
  • Maximizes liberation of nutrients.
  • Reduces antinutritional factors.
  • Allows utilization of alternative raw materials.
  • Designed for vegetable protein diets.

Multi-enzyme solution for modern farming

Multi-enzyme concepts may be the key to finding a solution in modern farming. Production performance decreases when an imbalance of the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract occurs. Adding enzymes to livestock diets is a commonly used strategy to release essential nutrients that were otherwise not digested. FRAmelco offers carefully selected enzyme concepts, maximizing energy and protein utilisation.

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