Animal health & performance

FRAmelco is dedicated to formulating innovative feed additive solutions, promoting animal health & performance and increasing productivity & profitability.

FRA Glycerides

Glycerides prove to be a promising alternative to Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs). Their unique mode of action and characteristics result in a strong selective antimicrobial and antiviral effect depending on the chain length of the fatty acid.

To support the animal industry and the challenges it faces, FRAmelco offers various glycerides applications, each targeting specific or multiple benefits.

maximize fat energy

FRA Lysolecithins

Lysolecithins are hydrolysed lecithins known for their strong capacity to promote an oil-in-water emulsification. They have the ability to enhance the emulsification process, stimulate fat digestion and improve nutrient absorption and digestibility.

Animal Housing Hygiene

A safe hygienic environment is crucial to keep animals healthy. Complementary to FRA feed solutions, FRAmelco offers brand-new drinking system cleaners and animal housing hygiene products.

FRA Specials

Beside our core applications Glycerides and Lysolecithins, FRAmelco continuously seeks new solutions to address industry specific challenges in relation to efficiency optimization and maintaining profitability.

#AdditiveValue for all, the animals and your wallet

In a world with an increased consciousness for antibiotic resistance through meat consumption, we need to focus on natural alternatives without undesirable side-effects.

FRAmelco offers applications that are a healthy choice for animals and ourselves. As pathogens are unable to develop resistance against these feed additives, they are a future-proof solution for the livestock industry.

Together we can leave a world behind, a little bit better than when we found it.

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