Control Pathogens with FRA Stable-Clean. A potent alkaline foam cleaner, that effectively removes the last organic pollution from surfaces.

Heavy-duty foam cleaner

A hygienic environment is crucial to keep animals healthy. FRA Stable-Clean is developed to dissolve the sticky layer of fats, proteins and dirt. A minimum contact time allows the product to penetrate porous surfaces, breaking down organic pollution in the deepest crevices.

FRAmelco offers FRA Stable-Clean, a heavy-duty foam cleaner to prepare surfaces for disinfection. This thorough surface cleaner brings farmers one step closer to a safe and hygienic environment for the next production cycle.

Deep penetration into surfaces

In most livestock environments, there is a demand for a strong and potent alkaline cleaner. Such a cleaner is needed to remove dirt on floors, walls and machinery. Pathogens and other contaminations thrive when no measures are taken. This threatens biosecurity and can be harmful to animals.  

FRA Stable-Clean is able to penetrate porous surfaces such as concrete walls and floors, enabling the foam to reach the most difficult spots and areas.

  • Hygiene
  • Biosecurity
  • Easy to use
  • Biofilm formation
  • Pathogen contamination

“Perfect cleaner to remove the last greasy parts of dirty surfaces.”

A simple, yet effective, 3-step program

FRAmelco offers FRA Animal Housing Hygiene. A range of products that are complementary in the animal housing cleaning process.

Step 1: FRA Aqua-Care, a dual active drinking water system cleaner.

Step 2: FRA Stable-Clean, a heavy-duty foam cleaner.

Step 3: FRA Stable-Des, a broad-spectrum multifunctional disinfectant.

Main benefits

  • Potent alkaline foam cleaner
  • Pre-treatment to disinfection
  • Dissolves sticky organic pollution like fat and protein
  • Deep penetration into surfaces


  • Available in 11 & 22 kg cans


  • Clean the area from organic pollution as much as possible
  • Mix 1 to 3 litre (1-3%) of FRA Stable-Clean per 1000 litres of water
  • Spray a layer of foam on walls, equipment and floor (use high pressure and a foam lance)
  • A contact time of 15 minutes to maximum 1 hour
  • Spray the foam away with ample cold water (use low pressure)
  • Let the house dry up, then disinfect with FRA Stable-Des
  • It is recommended to contact your local FRAmelco technical sales manager to determine farm specific dose level


Effective livestock farm cleaning

Stubborn dirt and organic materials that settle on the walls, floors and feeding pens are often contaminated with harmful pathogens. Biosecurity and animal health are threatened if it is not properly cleaned before the next production cycle. As heavy-duty foam cleaner, FRA Stable-Clean is part of the solution to control pathogens and pollution on the farm. FRA Stable-Clean prepares surfaces for disinfection and brings farmers one step closer to a safe and hygienic animal housing.