Improve Nutrient Efficiency, by facilitating Nutrient Digestibility and maximizing Nutrient Absorption.

Optimize nutrient digestibility and nutrient absorption

In a world where performance and cost effectiveness are crucial for continuance of businesses, feed must be utilized to its fullest potential.

Main benefits of lysolecithins are Nutrient Digestibility and Nutrient Absorption. In more detail: lysolecithins improve emulsification of fats and oils, increasing enzymatic potential. Above that, lysolecithins support mixed micelle formation and improve the permeability of the intestines, increasing nutrient absorption.

FRAmelco offers FRA LeciMax, a concept based on hydrolysed lecithin that maximizes nutrient efficiency.

“FRA LeciMax is a cost-effective feed additive that improves FCR and ADWG. It enriches the feed formulation for monogastric animals in a production environment.”

Highly concentrated lysolecithins

Different hydrolysed lecithin concentrations have been extensively researched on their effects. The insights obtained have been used to create FRA LeciMax, a cost-effective and nutrient efficient concept. FRA LeciMax increases ROI, improves ADWG, Final Body Weight and decreases FCR.

  • ADWG
  • Final Body Weight
  • ROI
  • FCR

Main benefits

  • Nutrient digestibility
  • Improved emulsification
  • Enzymatic potential
  • Nutrient absorption


  • Available in Dry & Liquid
  • Also in IP (non-GMO)
  • Free-flowing & non-caking
  • Neutral taste and odour
  • Heat-stable
  • Available in 20 kg bag, 1000 kg big bag and bulk
  • Produced in GMP+ certified facilities


Advised dosage is as follows:

  • FRA LeciMax can be added on top of the diet or applied by reformulating the diet, reducing fat and amino acid content using the nutritional matrix
  • It is recommended to contact your local FRAmelco technical sales manager to determine a farm-specific dose level and reformulation options


Maximize gross income

How to optimize production efficiency with the same amount of feed? Research has shown that applying lysolecithins to livestock diets improves nutrient efficiency. To optimize nutrient digestibility and absorption from feed, FRAmelco offers FRA LeciMax, improving animal performance and maximizing gross income.