Support natural Body Defences, via Immune System functioning and suppress Inflammatory Response overreactions.

Strengthen the immune system & inflammatory response

Body defence systems are crucial for animal health and performance. A properly functioning immune system responds adequately to diseases and does not overreact when small challenges occur. Such overreactions can even restrict performance. Therefore, it is valuable to understand that certain glycerides have shown to support the animal’s immune system.

Above that, reducing the negative impact of pro-inflammatory processes via anti-inflammatory compounds brings the livestock industry one step closer to achieve 100% genetic growth potential. As research has shown outstanding inflammation inhibiting properties of lauric acid glycerides, FRAmelco offers FRA C12. This feed additive reduces inflammation and improves immune system functioning.

“FRA C12 increases antibody titer values, indicating a more active immune system and improved immune response.”

Lauric acid glycerides

Glycerides are highly effective against pathogens and support body defense mechanisms. Specifically, glycerides of lauric acid possess unique properties. Enabling it to stimulate animal health via multiple modes of actions.

  • ROI
  • Growth rate
  • Final body weight
  • Support vaccination effects
  • FCR
  • Mortality

Main benefits

  • Immune system
  • Improve inflammatory response
  • Control Gram+ bacteria
  • Control fat-enveloped viruses


  • Available in Dry & Liquid
  • Heat-stable & non-corrosive
  • Neutral taste and odour
  • Available in 20 kg bag, 1000 kg big bag and bulk
  • Produced in GMP+ certified facilities


Advised dosage is as follows:

  • 1-3 kg FRA C12 per ton of feed (poultry)
  • 2-4 kg FRA C12 per ton of feed (swine)
  • It is recommended to contact your local FRAmelco technical sales manager to determine a farm-specific dose level


Support vaccination effects

Research has shown favorable synergy when a running vaccine program is combined with FRA C12. Interestingly, a combination of Vaccine + FRA C12 showed much higher antibody titer values and higher values for Interferon-gamma (IFN-γ), correlating with improved immune system functioning. Demonstrating no contra-indications of FRA C12 in combination with a vaccine program.