Stimulate Intestinal Health, by supporting the Microbiome Balance and reinforcing Intestinal Integrity.

Stimulate intestinal health and control pathogens

Glycerides of butyric acid have proven to be effective on Intestinal Health by forming tighter junctions, improving selective intestinal permeability. By stimulating intestinal development, the barrier which separates pathogens from entering the animal’s circulation is strengthened. Hereby preventing undesired passage of pathogens and toxins.

Additionally, glycerides of butyric acid have a positive effect on microbiota composition. Research has shown that glycerides of butyric acid improve microbiota diversity, increase diversity and concentration of Bifidobacterium and show an improved Lactobacilli/E.coli ratio. Above that, glycerides of butyric acid are able to inhibit fat-enveloped viruses.

FRAmelco offers FRA Butyrin Hybrid, combining benefits of both applications in one unique concept. Stimulate Intestinal Health and Control Pathogens.

“1% more breast meat and less abdominal fat is interesting for poultry producers, and also for slaughterhouses.”

Butyric acid glycerides

The effect of butyric acid glycerides on gut development is intensively studied. Butyric acid serves as energy source for the epithelium cells and stimulates villi growth and recovery. It also increases length of the small intestines, resulting in more efficient uptake of nutrients and enhanced resistance against pathogens.

  • ADWG
  • Meat output
  • Meat quality
  • EPEF
  • FCR
  • Mortality

Main benefits

  • Intestinal integrity
  • Microbiome balance
  • Modulates fat metabolism
  • Control Gram- bacteria


  • Available in Dry
  • Heat-stable and non-corrosive
  • Neutral taste and odour
  • Available in 25 kg bag, 1000 kg big bag and bulk
  • Produced in GMP+ certified facilities


Advised dosage is as follows:

  • 1-2 kg FRA Butyrin Hybrid per ton of feed
  • It is recommended to contact your local FRAmelco technical sales manager to determine a farm-specific dose level


Maximize meat output

The health and integrity of your livestock’s intestinal environment is key to increase profitability. Logically speaking, a well-performing intestinal tract maximizes meat output. Research has shown outstanding results of glycerides on gut morphology and the microbiome. Therefore, FRAmelco offers FRA Butyrin Hybrid, maximizing your livestock’s meat output by stimulating intestinal health.