FRA Aqua-care


Control Pathogens with FRA Aqua-Care. An effective drinking system cleaner and disinfectant, based on hydrogen peroxide and a silver complex stabilizer.

Safe hygienic drinking water

Livestock animals are dependent on fresh and unpolluted drinking water. Biofilm naturally forms in pipes and nozzles, contaminating drinking water systems with organic pollution. Drinking water systems must be cleaned regularly to ensure a safe hygienic environment for all animals.

When not dealt with in time, it becomes hard for farmers to clean the drinking water system. In the worst case, entire drinking water systems must be disassembled or even replaced.

FRAmelco offers FRA Aqua-Care, a safe and hygienic product that effectively cleans drinking water systems and prevents major economical losses.

Airbrushing the drinking water system

FRA Aqua-Care reacts when encountering organic pollution, like biofilm. The product releases oxygen and creates tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles ‘brush’ away organic pollution and manganese/iron deposits. Ensuring a clean drinking water system.

In addition, silver particles and oxygen work together to disinfect the system and the water itself. This is the best way to guarantee safe hygienic drinking water.

  • FCR
  • Water intake
  • Water quality
  • Pollution
  • Mortality

“Poultry and swine farmers are wise when they clean their drinking water systems every month.”

A simple, yet effective, 3-step program

FRAmelco offers FRA Animal Housing Hygiene. A range of products that are complementary in the animal housing cleaning process.

Step 1: FRA Aqua-Care, a dual active drinking water system cleaner.

Step 2: FRA Stable-Clean, a heavy-duty foam cleaner.

Step 3: FRA Stable-Des, a broad-spectrum multifunctional disinfectant.

Main benefits

  • Dual-action: cleaning & disinfecting
  • Removes manganese/iron deposits and biofilm
  • Fully active in all parts of the drinking system
  • Effervescent ‘airbrushing’ of the drinking system


  • Biologically degradable
  • Not corrosive to the drinking system
  • No withdrawal period
  • Available in 5, 10 & 20 liter can


Without animals

  • Normal pollution level: 1 %
  • High pollution level: 3 %

With animals / 10 day treatment (per 1000 L drinking water)

  • 100 mL, on day 1 & 2
  • 150 mL, on day 3 & 4
  • 200 mL, on day 5 & 6
  • 250 mL, on day 7, 8, 9 & 10.

With animals / Weekly maintenance of 1 day (24hrs)

  • 100 mL, per 1000 L drinking water.


Clean drinking water

Animal production and welfare are heavily impacted by harmful pathogens. Especially when they settle in drinking water systems. Above that, water intake can be obstructed by contaminated or polluted drinking water systems. This can cause growth reduction and impair feed conversion.

As drinking system cleaner and disinfectant, FRA Aqua-Care is part of the solution to control pathogens and pollution on the farm. FRA Aqua-Care, a safe and hygienic product that effectively cleans drinking water systems to prevent major economical losses.