Tripled production capacity lysolecithins


FRAmelco keeps up with increasing demands for digestive enhancing animal feed additives by expansion of their production facility in Spain. The capacity of lysolecithins has tripled by investments in production equipment, an increased storage volume and a more flexible manufacturing process.

Besides the upgrades to production equipment and storage facilities, the factory in Spain has also generated a more flexible production process. The facility uses high vacuum to distill different types of lecithin (GMO and non-GMO) simultaneously. Above that, the product flows can be processed independent of each other. Furthermore, the 7000 m3 liquid storage capacity (which was mainly used to produce mono- and triglycerides) has been expanded with multiple dedicated tanks for lysolecithins.

Equally important is the addition of a powder plant for our end products, which allows a part of the production of finished goods to be completed in Spain. This means that liquid feed additives can be directly put on carrier after production which saves transportation costs and contributes to a more efficient worldwide workflow.

Managing Director of the production facility in Spain, Jan van den Berg, is proud of the rapid expansion: “The current investments are essential to pursue our goal of becoming a leading player in the lysolecithins market in the coming years. Furthermore, they are part of our continuous efforts to increase feed efficiency and ensure sustainable growth for our customers through our innovative additive solutions”.