Better sea bass performance with FRA LeciMax

Improve sea bass growth performance and lower FCR with FRA feed additives. In a European sea bass trial, adding FRA LeciMax to the feed formulation resulted in a 6-gram weight gain and 13% better feed efficiency.

The demand for major aqua feed ingredients such as fish meal and fish oil continue to increase due to the growth of the aquaculture industry. Increasing use of vegetable ingredients in the feeding process causes digestive issues. These alternative protein sources, originating from plants, are rich in fiber and contain relatively low amounts of phospholipids, which impairs the digestibility of the feed.

FRAmelco has developed FRA LeciMax, containing a natural source of lysophospholipids, to support sea bass digestion in both fish- and vegetable-based diets. These lysophospholipids are known for their emulsifying effect in the GIT, thereby supporting fat emulsification and nutrient absorption.

A trial at a research institute in Greece shows that the inclusion of FRA LeciMax improves the growth rate and feed efficiency of European sea bass at an inclusion rate of 750 g per ton of feed. The diet contained:

  • 39% fish-based raw materials.
  • 56% vegetable ingredients.
  • 5% premix.

Interestingly, the effects of FRA LeciMax were more pronounced compared to product L, another lysophospholipid-based product. Indicating the importance of the right lysophospholipid profile to take maximum advantage of the feed additive. Moreover, the group of fish receiving FRA LeciMax was more uniform and gave the most consistent results of the test groups.

When FRA LeciMax is applied, the growth performance of sea bass improves on all parameters compared to the control groups. In addition, significantly improved feed efficiency and FCR were observed compared to the control groups. Overall, this trial provides strong evidence that FRA LeciMax supports sea bass digestion with a diet containing both fish-based and vegetable ingredients.