Reduce slaughterhouse meat rejection with FRA Butyrin Hybrid

When fast-growing broilers suffer from woody breast and white striping, producers may face meat rejection by slaughterhouses. Woody breast cannot be sold as fillet and white striping negatively affects consumer meat acceptance. Ultimately, meat must be sold at lower prices and this results in major economic losses. It is therefore important to increase breast muscle quality.

One of the most important quality parameters is meat tenderness. Breast muscles with a high amount of connective tissue are generally less tender due to a considerable collagen content. Breast muscle can be considered more tender when lower levels of connective tissue and collagen are found.

At a commercial broiler farm, the effect of FRA Butyrin Hybrid on breast muscle quality was tested. In both production cycles, the percentages of connective tissue and collagen content were decreased when FRA Butyrin Hybrid was fed. Indicating that FRA Butyrin Hybrid is able to improve meat tenderness and breast muscle quality in broilers.

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