Piglet Nutrition: higher profits with FRA Butyrin Hybrid

Alpha-monobutyrin is known for their antibacterial effect against Gram-negative bacteria and tributyrin is highly concentrated in butyric acid. Butyric acid is an important nutrient that will be released in the animal’s gut by the action of lipase. FRA Butyrin Hybrid is a combination of alpha-monobutyrin and tributyrin. Trial results show that FRA Butyrin Hybrid improved growth and FCR during the first 3 weeks after weaning. In the following 3 weeks, piglets receiving the product continued to grow faster.

Weaning is stressful for young piglets and this moment is often associated with growth retardation and diarrhoea. Science suggests that butyric acid can alleviate weaning stress. In addition, butyric acid has antibacterial properties against Gram-negative bacteria that can support piglets from bacterial challenges during weaning. Butyric acid however is hard to handle because of the incredible bad smell.

FRA Butyrin Hybrid

Alpha-monoglycerides of butyric acid have a direct anti-bacterial effect against most Gram-negative bacteria. Triglycerides of butyric acid deliver a high percentage of butyric acid to the intestine. Tributyrin induces the formation of tight junctions, which improves the intestinal barrier function. This allows nutrients to be absorbed, while keeping toxins and pathogens in the lumen. FRA Butyrin Hybrid combines alpha-monobutyrin with tributyrin and therefore possesses both benefits. As an additional advantage, FRA Butyrin Hybrid does not have the typical bad smell of butyric acid.

Trial results

To examine piglet performance in the first six weeks after weaning, a trial was conducted in Denmark. All piglets received the same basal diet and the treatment group received 2kg FRA Butyrin Hybrid per ton of feed in the first 3 weeks after weaning. In the next 3 weeks after weaning, the treatment group received 1.5kg FRA Butyrin Hybrid per ton of feed.

Results show that piglets receiving FRA Butyrin Hybrid were on average almost 800 gram heavier 6 weeks after weaning (25.31kg compared to 24.53kg in the control group). Average daily growth per pig in the treatment group was 444 grams, almost 16 grams higher compared to the control group. This equals an improvement of 3.7.

Feed conversion ratio also significantly improved with a FCR of 1.366 in the treatment group and 1.461 in the control group during the entire period of 6 weeks after weaning.


FRA Butyrin Hybrid is very interesting as it reduces the price per kilogram of piglet produced and maximizes gross profits. An economical calculation showed an astonishing return on investment (ROI) of 16.7.

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