New managing director Spain


Bram Gunter is the new managing director of FRAmelco’s production facility in Huesca, Spain. The plant is known for its feed additive brand Sustainable Nutrition (SN).

Bram is a familiar face as he combines his new position with his other responsibility; FRAmelco’s strategic procurement. FRAmelco is confident that Bram is the designated person to bring feed additive production in Spain to the next level. For his new position, Bram and his family emigrated to Huesca. Bram: “It was an exciting period for me and my family to move away from our trusted life in the Netherlands. Luckily, we have adapted really well to the Spanish lifestyle and Spain is a beautiful country. I feel great working as the managing director in Huesca and the drive from my new home to the office is only 20 minutes”.

Sustainable Nutrition provides the industry with innovative feed additive solutions. SN produces high-quality feed additives on a large scale thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes, supported by an in-house laboratory. To further expand the facility during the coming years, Bram has set ambitious goals and the first results are visible. The production plant has expanded storage space by placing extra silos in SN green for glycerides and lysolecithins production. Above that, a brand-new automatic packaging line is fully operational and improves the production process significantly. Lastly and of high importance, additional safety measures have been taken to increase the safety at the site.

The Sustainable Nutrition team is well-experienced and has been working together for a long time. The dynamics between Bram and the SN team allows them to work on improving their production facility: “To meet current and future demand, we need to further expand production capacity and look for opportunities to organize our production processes in a more efficient way. I am satisfied with our work during the last couple of months and I am very confident that we will be able to further improve our facility in the coming years. It’s a pleasure to work with the SN team”.