Reduce mortality on PRRS-infected farms with FRA C12

Blue ear pig disease (PRRS) causes more abortions and stillborn piglets on PRRS-infected farms. FRA C12 (based on alpha-monolaurin) is designed to reduce pathogenic pressure, which makes sows healthier and reduces infection from sow to piglet. As a result, FRA C12 delivers more live-born piglets and resulting in 30% lower pre-weaning mortality.

The Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is better known as the blue ear pig disease. It weakens the overall immune system of pigs and opens the door for other diseases. PRRS causes more abortions, stillborn piglets, and respiratory diseases among pigs. The costs of this worldwide problem are around 650 million US dollars annually.

Farmers try to minimize PRRS by increasing biosecurity and wielding a strict farm management. Above that, expensive vaccination programs are available to suppress PRRS on infected farms. Unfortunately, these strategies do not provide a 100% success rate and farmers still struggle to protect their pigs against PRRS due to the secondary infections caused by the virus.

FRA C12 is designed to reduce pathogenic pressure. Results have shown that this feed additive helps to suppress PRRS from infected farms, mainly by minimizing the secondary infections caused by PRRS. This FRAmelco product is effective because it is the only available feed additive with proven antiviral properties. Above that, FRA C12 works in the entire GIT and both the lymphatic system and bloodstream.

Trial results show that FRA C12 can safely and successfully run along vaccination programs. In vivo research has proven that the feed additive lowers mortality on PRRS-infected farms. After treatment, the number of live-born piglets increased with 4.3% per sow and pre-weaning mortality was even 30% lower compared to the control group.

The addition of FRA C12 in sow diets can therefore serve as a powerful tool for farmers to optimize the general health status of pigs and profits when PRRS is present on the farm.