Minimize the harmful effects of pathogens

After restrictions on Antibiotic Growth Promotors, the industry requires an all-encompassing solution as pathogens keep burden pig reproduction and growth performance. FRAmelco offers a solution with feed additives designed to target specific pathogens.

When subject to stress factors, pigs are highly susceptible to pathogens. These harmful micro-organisms ultimately lead to decreased reproduction and growth performance, high mortality rates and lower profitability if not taken care of in time. Since Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) have been restricted in most countries and vaccines have limited efficacy, the industry requires an all-encompassing solution.

Glycerides of fatty acids offer a broad spectrum of antibacterial effects and inhibit fat-enveloped viruses. With these characteristics, glycerides are highly effective in eliminating pathogens. Glycerides target specific pathogenic bacteria, while AGPs affect the whole microbiome. Therefore, FRAmelco has developed a range of feed additive concepts based on glycerides of fatty acids to minimize the harmful effects of pathogenic bacteria and to prevent dysbiosis of the intestines.

FRA C12 is a feed additive concept based on glycerides of fatty acids. FRA C12 is effective against Gram-positive bacteria such as Streptococcus suis and StaphylococcusIn vivo trials show that FRA C12 is able to reduce mortality due to S. suis with 6%.