Maximize meat production with FRA Butyrin Hybrid

The intensive animal production industry requires broilers to grow fast. FRA Butyrin Hybrid (product based on tributyrin and alpha-monobutyrin) has shown to increase carcass weight and fillet yield.

Multiple scientific papers demonstrate that supplementation of tributyrin to broiler diets increases carcass weight and alpha-monobutyrin is known for its effect against Gram-negative bacteria. This ensures low pathogenic pressure, allowing more energy to be used for growth. FRAmelco combines the positive effects of tributyrin and alpha-monobutyrin in FRA Butyrin Hybrid.

The effect of FRA Butyrin Hybrid on carcass weight and fillet yield was tested at a commercial broiler farm. Two poultry houses of approximately 50000 and 60000 broilers (Ross) were used for two consecutive production cycles. The groups receiving FRA Butyrin Hybrid showed higher carcass weight and total fillet yield.

“Fillet yield is about increasing the size of the fillet while maintaining the size and health of broilers.”
  • Fillet yield is increased with 0.8 percent points in production cycle 1 and with 0.5 in cycle 2.

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