Managing Director FRAmelco visits Franklin Asia

Peter Zondervan was looking forward to visit Franklin Asia in his new role as Managing Director of FRAmelco. Due to COVID-19 and the integration with Adisseo, it was nearly impossible to meet the team that has been doing an excellent job for FRAmelco during the past 3 years. It was high time for a visit!

As many regions in the world, Thailand was struck hard by COVID-19. During these challenging times, the people involved with Franklin Asia autonomously set-up a high performing factory, with a professional team that has managed to resolve quality issues, shorten lead-times, and reduce costs for our partners and end-consumers.

Above that, Peter Zondervan was pleased to see that they take safety very seriously and that their norms are corresponding with Adisseo standards. Given the fast growth and hard labor that’s been done, it’s especially impressive that they have managed to keep the safety risk contained and had no accidents. This is all well monitored by Gabriella van Veen, Director of Franklin Asia since the beginning of this year.

Besides looking at the production facilities and discussing business, the Franklin Asia team made time available to give Zondervan a proper introduction to the Thai culture and food.