Lower feeding costs in broilers with lysolecithins

Over the years, broiler breeders managed to improve broilers’ genetic potential to grow fast and reach higher final body weights. Optimal farm management and high energetic feeds should make it possible for broilers to grow towards their genetic potential. In order to formulate high energetic diets, high inclusion rates of fat are used. Those fats need to be properly emulsified to reach optimal fat digestion.

As feeding costs are the majority of on-farm production costs, it is important that feed is of high quality and is efficiently used by the animal. The cost of broiler production can be lowered either by lowering feed intake or by feed reformulation where expensive fat sources are replaced by less expensive grains.

When using FRA LeciMax (lysolecithins), reformulating the diet may be very interesting and cost-effective. A rather simple way of reformulating the diet is by replacing 1% of the added oil or fat by grains (wheat or maize) and add 500 grammes of FRA LeciMax per ton of feed.

A trial at a Dutch research facility showed improved general performance parameters, despite the fact that due to a lower fat content the treatment diet’ metabolizable energy was 1.7% lower compared to the control group.  Also, the diet with 500g FRA LeciMax added was less expensive compared to control group while growth performance, FCR, Body Weight and Mortality all improved.

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