Laying hens: performance and egg quality improvement with FRA Butyrin Hybrid

A major concern in egg production is the decrease in eggshell quality when laying hens age.

Over time, egg size and weight increases, without increasing the calcium carbonate deposition in the eggshell. Calcium carbonate is with 96% the avian eggshell’s main component. Result: eggshells become thinner and broken egg risk increases.

Dietary calcium is essential for eggshell synthesis

Calcium can be absorbed from the diet via the intestinal cells of the bird. However, during aging gut inflammation is more common and intestinal epithelial cells of layers become weaker and the villi shorten. Resulting in impaired nutrient absorption, eggshell abnormalities and reduced shell strength. A reduction in eggshell quality is not only a concern in older laying hens, but it is a problem during the entire production cycle. Feed-related problems, diseases and bad management practices can result in a decreased laying rate and in eggs which are abnormal in shape and colour. Resulting in a lower profit for the farmer.

A well-developed healthy gut without inflammation is therefore essential. What about a feed additive as tool to improve laying hen performance and egg quality?

Butyrate glycerides come in multiple forms of which tributyrin and alpha-monobutyrin are the most potent. Tributyrin is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, gut developing and microbiota improving properties. Alpha-monobutyrin is often used for its anti-microbial effects against different pathogenic bacteria. FRA Butyrin Hybrid combines the positive effects of tributyrin and alpha-monobutyrin in one single product.

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