Improving intestinal health with tributyrin and alpha-monobutyrin

Sustainable and efficient animal production is important in poultry husbandry. However, in commercial flocks, animals are subjected to multiple stress factors such as high stocking densities and suboptimal climate conditions which makes them highly susceptible for pathogens. This results in decreased growth performance, high mortality rates and a lower profitability.

The use of antibiotics is restricted due to the increasing number of resistant bacteria and therefore other solutions must be found. A dietary feed supplement which supports intestinal health by stimulating intestinal development, modulating the immune response and reducing the growth of pathogenic bacteria, thereby improving animal performance and production is of high interest.

A recent trial shows that the combination of tributyrin and alpha-monobutyrin significantly improves FCR, AME and AMEn and reduces abdominal fat. Furthermore, FRA Butyrin Hybrid reduces C. perfringensE. coli and Salmonella counts in cecum samples while maintaining the Lactobacillus count. All these effects are indications of a healthier gut, stimulating animal performance. With a significant reduction in feed costs per kilogram gain the application is cost-effective, with a calculated return on investment of 11.66.

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