Increased storage capacity


On top of the tripled lysolecithin production capacity in Spain, FRAmelco is expanding their capacity in the Netherlands. To keep up with the increasing demands for feed additives, investments have been made to improve inventory management. A brand-new storage facility has already been realized.

With the expansion, FRAmelco maintains a better control of their stocks. This results in a better overview and a more efficient production process. The warehouse simultaneously implemented a new scanning system, which enables FRAmelco to exploit a better inventory management strategy.

Above that, FRAmelco’s Logistic department will occupy the new office space situated in the center of the warehouse. This allows Logistics to communicate faster and better with production and warehouse workers. As a result of better inventory management and improved communication, FRAmelco noticed an increase in production capacity.

Furthermore, tributyrin production received a quality upgrade with the addition of an ultrafine filter. Running the end-product though this filter improves the tributyrin quality significantly by making it more odorless and visibly more attractive. This is believed to improve customer satisfaction by offering an easier to handle feed additive.