Improve milk quality

Piglets depend heavily on their mothers’ milk during the first weeks of their life. It is crucial that sows are in optimal condition to produce sufficient and high-quality milk. Piglets with higher body weight at weaning are usually healthier and this benefits both animals and producers.

Sows are often in a state of negative energy balance during lactation as they need more energy, proteins and amino acids for milk production than they can utilize from feed. It is therefore normal that lactating sows experience weight loss and a decline in body condition score. To increase the energy level in sow diets, higher inclusion rates of fats and oils are used. When properly digested by the sow, this energy is used for body maintenance and milk production.


To ensure proper digestion of fats and oils, lysolecithins can be added to the diet. Resulting in not only a better and faster digestion and absorption of fats, but also other nutrients such as amino acids. Membrane permeability is also increased by the specific lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) and lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE) present in lysolecithins.

To achieve sufficient and high-quality milk, it is crucial that sows are in optimal condition. What about a feed additive as a tool to induce a higher feed intake and consequently improve sow and piglet performance?

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