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Glycerides of lauric acid improve vaccination effects in broilers

Two separate trials have tested the effect of FRA C12, a key product of FRAmelco based on glycerides of lauric acid, on the efficacy and immune response of Infectious Bronchitis (IB) vaccination using Ross 308 broilers. Results show that FRA C12 does not influence the efficacy of IB vaccination and even improves the immune response.

Glycerides of lauric acid have antiviral and antibacterial properties and are used as feed additive for broilers to prevent infectious diseases. These glycerides are thought to perform their antiviral effect by disintegrating the viral envelope. This raised the question if the antiviral properties of lauric acid glycerides might counteract with vaccination programs used in poultry production. Therefore, two separate trials have tested the effect of FRA C12 on the efficacy and the immune response of IB vaccination using Ross 308 broilers.

In the first trial, all broilers received a live attenuated IB vaccine and half of the broilers received FRA C12. The trial studied if the broilers receiving FRA C12 were still protected against IB after being challenged with an 100x higher vaccine dose. The results of the first trial showed that FRA C12 did not affect the protection of the vaccine against IB. The first trial also showed elevated IB titer values for orally vaccinated unchallenged broilers receiving FRA C12 compared to the other broilers.

In the second trial, three groups were compared. The first group received no vaccination and no FRA C12, the second group received oral vaccination and no FRA C12, and the third group received oral vaccination and FRA C12. Enhanced clearance of the IB vaccine was observed after 30 days for the group receiving oral vaccination and FRA C12 compared to the two other groups. The enhanced clearance was suggestively caused by an increased immune response, which was confirmed by increased IB titer values and increased IFN-γ levels.

The results of the trials demonstrate that glycerides of lauric acid do not influence IB vaccination efficacy and have the potency to improve the immune response. This further supports the use of lauric acid glycerides and thus FRA C12 as a feed additive for broilers, not only by performance effects but also by an improved response on viral vaccination.