FRA LeciMax – a money making solution for increased feed material prices

Almost a year now, raw material prices for animal feed have increased drastically. For example: prices for sunflower oil increased with +9.48%; soybean meal with +24.79% and soybean oil had a price increase of +48.06% over the last 11 months. This means that now, even more than ever, farmers and nutritionists need to carefully consider their feed formulation.

What if, with a smart reformulation, the level of oils and fats in animal diets could be lowered without a decline in performance? Or what does it mean in terms of performance when, without reformulating, already present fat can be absorbed better by the animal?

This is where FRA LeciMax comes into play. FRA LeciMax is a source of hydrolysed lecithin, also called lysolecithins. Lysolecithins have proven their value in optimizing feed utilization thereby improving animal performance but also offering the opportunity to decrease production costs by reformulating expensive diets.

ROI of 63 with on top application

Several trials were done to demonstrate the efficacy of FRA LeciMax.

Positive control group = basal diet.

Negative control group = 1% soy oil reduction & replaced by 0.5% wheat and 0.5% corn.

FRA® LeciMax group = negative control + FRA® LeciMax.
1ADWG: average daily weight gain.

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