Energy boost for sows and piglets

Lysolecithins are known to maximise fat digestion and enhance nutrient absorption. A recent trial revealed that sows were better able to maintain their body condition when fed an energy booster including lysolecithins. As a result, the number of stillborn piglets was reduced and sows showed better fertility.

Sows fed the energy booster with lysolecithins in their lactation diet lost less backfat during confinement and had a lower reduction in body condition score, which resulted in a lower number of stillbirths and a reduction of the weaning-to-oestrus interval. In addition, colostrum and milk quality were better, resulting in a higher number and heavier weaned piglets. With a calculated return on investment of 21.7, it is not only beneficial for sow and piglet performance but also very interesting from an economical point of view.

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