Combined approach to replace preventive antibiotics

In the search for alternatives to the intensive use of antibiotics in poultry farming, glycerides seem very promising. A combined approach with different types of FRA glyceride-based products was able to successfully replace the heavy use of preventive antibiotics in broilers chickens. Broilers maintained their growth performance, good health and even showed an improved immune response as indicated by the higher number of antibodies against typical poultry diseases.

To replace this intensive use of antibiotics, a specific program has been designed with a combination of three glyceride-based products: FRA C12 Dry and FRA Butyrin Ultra Dry in the diet and FRA LAC34 Liquid via drinking water. Results show that this strong combination was able to compete with the intensive use of antibiotics: broilers without antibiotics performed evenly well as the control group. They even showed an improved daily weight gain of 1.3%. Also, antibody titer values against Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bursitis Disease were higher for the treatment group, suggesting an immunostimulating effect of alpha-monoglycerides. Essential blood parameters, intestinal morphology and microbiota as well as development of intestinal lymphoid tissue, cecal tonsils and pancreas were comparable between both groups, indicating that broilers receiving a combination of FRA glyceride-based products without antibiotics were well developed and able to maintain a good health status.

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