Combat Clostridium perfringens with FRA Gut Balance

Poultry production and welfare are heavily impacted when Clostridium perfringens enters the farm. This causes malabsorption, reduces animal growth and impairs feed conversion. FRA Gut Balance can offer a solution for Clostridium perfringens-infected broilers. Improve FCR and increase weight gain with FRA Gut Balance.

Clostridium perfringens is a large problem in poultry because these Gram-positive bacteria are spore forming, highly prolific and toxigenic. Clostridium perfringens is part of normal gut microflora and is found nearly everywhere. Spreading among animals may occur both as clinical and subclinical disease, which makes it hard to prevent. The clinical form is associated with high mortality and has the unpleasant ability to spread steadily. The subclinical form often presents larger problems because this form remains undetected and therefore untreated.

To reduce the use of Antibiotic Growth Promotors (AGPs), the industry demands an alternative to prevent serious Clostridium perfringens consequences. Feed additives offer this alternative and dietary research has shown that feed additives are able to inhibit the Clostridium perfringens growth. FRA Gut Balance is a feed additive designed to stimulate gut health by inhibiting growth of harmful bacteria. At a research facility in Norway, a trial was performed to test the effect of FRA Gut Balance on Clostridium perfringens-infected broilers. The 28-day trial involved 2640 one-day-old broilers.

Feed conversation ratio (FCR) significantly improved for the treatment group receiving FRA Gut Balance compared to the control group. The FCR in the control group was 1.383, while the treatment group FCR was lowered to 1.350. The FCR variation within the group receiving FRA Gut Balance was lower compared to the control group. This means that FCR was more uniform in the treatment group. In addition, broilers in the treatment group gained more weight than broilers in the control group, 1772 gram compared to 1747 gram.

This trial demonstrated that FRA Gut Balance has a positive effect on Clostridium perfringens-infected broilers. FRA Gut Balance improves gut health, lowers FCR and improves weight gain. Furthermore, broilers in the treatment group showed a minimal caecal content of Clostridium perfringens, indicating the antibacterial effect of FRA Gut Balance.

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