Big investment to expand factory Spain


Bram Gunter, managing director of Sustainable Nutrition in Spain, announced a 10 million Euro investment for an ambitious expansion plan that will take four years to realize.

The factory will triple its surface from two to six hectares and turnover is expected to double to 60 million Euro per year. Currently, there are 28 people working at Sustainable Nutrition and the expansion is likely to create 20 extra jobs in the Huesca region.

Sustainable Nutrition is the only plant in Spain that produces monoglycerides. These monoglycerides act as a substitute for antibiotics, by improving animal health and performance. Sustainable Nutrition and FRAmelco have recently been acquired by Adisseo. Adisseo is one of the world’s leading experts in feed additives. With more than 2,250 employees, it serves around 3,900 customers in over 110 different countries.

With the expansion, Adisseo improves their feed additive product range that is being sold all over the world. This will be realized by new machinery, efficiency, formulations, better availability of raw materials and new packaging lines.