AGP reduction with drinking water applications

The use of antibiotics as growth promoters has been banned in the European Union since 2006. Drinking water applications can help to reduce the usage of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) and therapeutically used antibiotics. Trials show that broilers receiving glyceride-based drinking water applications were able to maintain productivity while being fed AGP free diets.

When it comes to promoting animal health and performance with AGP free diets, products based on glycerides are gaining popularity. Monoglycerides of short-chain fatty acids like propionic acid and butyric acid have bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties against Gram-negative bacteria. Monoglycerides of medium-chain fatty acids have antimicrobial effects, mainly against Gram-positive bacteria and fat-enveloped viruses. FRAmelco has developed FRA C12 Liquid (glycerides of lauric acid) and FRA LiquiSal Liquid (glycerides of propionic & butyric acid). Both products are drinking water applications designed to promote animal health and performance.

Replacing antibiotics in broilers

A study at a University of Agriculture in Pakistan (Faisalabad) showed that removing the antibiotic Lincomycin indeed resulted in inferior performance. Compared to the negative control, adding FRA C12 Liquid to the drinking water resulted in improved weight gain. And compared to the positive control (feed with Lincomycin), was FCR even more improved with FRA C12 Liquid in the drinking water. Another trial performed by the University of São Paulo concluded that the preventive use of FRA LiquiSal Liquid was more effective in reducing Salmonella spp. in broiler organs than a therapeutic treatment of antibiotic fosfomycin (FOS). A reduction of 38% in Salmonella positive livers/spleens was found in the group receiving FRA LiquiSal compared to the positive control group and FOS group.

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