3 ways to boost the immune system

FRA C12 not only possesses antipathogenic properties but is also boosting broilers’ natural defence system. As a first line of defence, FRA C12 supports a well-balanced gut microbiome, which benefits immunity. Secondly, it reduces the inflammatory response. Preventing birds to overreact when small challenges occur, thereby saving energy for growth. Thirdly, FRA C12 stimulates the immune response of broilers after vaccination against infectious bronchitis.

The main component of FRA C12 is alpha-monolaurin. This molecule is the result of the esterification of lauric acid to the first position of a glycerol molecule. Its specific molecular structure allows alpha-monolaurin to exert strong antipathogen effects, by disturbing cell metabolism and the attack of bacterial membranes, but also of fat-enveloped viruses. This results in considerable damage to a vast range of pathogens. Moreover, research has revealed three important immune supporting properties of alpha-monolaurin.

1. A healthy gut as first line of defence

Broilers’ natural defence system starts in the gastrointestinal tract. The interactions between natural gut microbiota and the immune system in the gut are considered as the basic mechanism of broilers against invading pathogens. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses are bound, inhibited or killed.

Glycerides of lauric acid have a positive effect on microbiota composition as becomes clear from both literature and practice. They have an inhibiting effect on pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Clostridium, whereas it stimulates the colonization of beneficial bacterial like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

2. Reduction of the inflammatory response & 3. Boost vaccination strategy

Did you know that glycerides of lauric acid (FRA C12) have two more modes of action to boost the immune system? Read the full article in WATT’s Poultry Trends 2021 or complete the form below to receive the PDF.