Improve Nutrient Efficiency

Improve Nutrient Efficiency, by facilitating Nutrient Digestibility and enhancing Nutrient Absorption.

Maximize fat energy

In a world where performance and cost-effectiveness are crucial for the continuance of businesses, feed must be utilized to its fullest capacity. Fat-rich diets are a must in modern animal industries. These diets need to be properly emulsified in order to reach their full potential.

FRAmelco offers an application that facilitates Nutrient Digestibility and enhances Nutrient Absorption.

Nutrient digestibility

A proper emulsification of fats results in smaller and more droplets. More droplets increase the total surface area of the fat droplets and consequently the surface area for lipase to interact with the fat. Lipase is an enzyme that is responsible for the hydrolysis of fat.

Enzymatic potential

Not only the potential of lipase for fat digestibility is maximized, other digestive enzymes are also influenced. The presence of fat forms a barrier for other enzymes to reach proteins and starches in the GIT. A proper emulsification of those ‘barrier fats’, allows the other enzymes to access nutrients more efficiently.

Mixed Micelles

Mixed micelles bring the fatty components to the membrane for absorption. FRA Nutrient Efficiency products are able to make these micelles smaller and more stable, allowing a better passage through the membrane.

Nutrient absorption

Increased membrane permeability means improved nutrient absorption. FRA Nutrient Efficiency products are able to diffuse into membranes, making the distance between the molecules bigger (creating more space) altering their curvature and indirectly affecting the properties of membrane proteins, leading to better absorption of nutrients.

Energy saving

To prevent body condition loss and muscle breakdown, modern livestock animals require more nutrients to fuel the increase in productivity. There are two ways to improve daily nutrient intake: increasing feed intake or increasing nutrient density. As the feed intake capacity does not fulfill the high nutrient requirements for production, increasing nutrient density helps to reduce the gap between nutrient requirement and intake. Animals are able to absorb more nutrients and improve their body condition when FRA Nutrient Efficiency products are applied to a high-density diet.

FRA Lysolecithins

FRAmelco offers different products based on lysolecithins to improve Nutrient Digestibility, Feed Efficiency and reduce the risk of digestive problems.

Increase ROI with FRA Lysolecithins

In a world where performance and cost effectiveness are crucial for continuance of businesses, feed must be utilized to its fullest potential. FRA Nutrient Efficiency brings us one step closer to achieve this goal by lowering FCR and increasing ADWG. This results in a higher Final Body Weight and maximizes ROI.

  • ADWG
  • Final Body Weight
  • ROI
  • FCR

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