Stimulate Intestinal Health

Stimulate Intestinal Health, by supporting the Microbiome Balance and reinforcing Intestinal Integrity.

Intestinal integrity

Improved intestinal integrity prevents intrusion of pathogenic bacteria and toxins into circulation. Healthy intestines are characterized by high villi, low crypt depth, and therefore a high VH:CD ratio. A healthy intestine leads to better nutrient absorption that has a positive effect on animal growth and FCR.

FRAmelco offers an application that reinforces Intestinal Integrity and supports the Microbiome Balance.

Leaky gut

Bacteria and the toxins they produce can create severe inflammation and break down the tight junctions between the enterocytes of the epithelium. This breaches the barrier against the external environment, creating a condition known as Leaky gut. Meaning that pathogens, toxins and proteins undesirably pass from the intestines into circulation.

Healthy gut

The health and integrity of an animal’s intestinal environment is the key to increase profitability. A well-performing intestinal tract maximizes production output. Glycerides stimulate Intestinal Health by having a positive effect on the formation of tight junctions, preventing intrusion of pathogens.

improve the ratio between pathogenic & beneficial bacteria

A healthy ratio between pathogenic and beneficial bacteria stands for a balanced microbiome. A well-balanced microbiome is linked to activation and stimulation of the immune system, offers protection by preventing harmful pathogens from entering the bloodstream and provides the animal with energy and nutritional support.

Maximize meat yield with FRA Butyric acid glycerides

Intestinal health is the key to increase profitability. Research has shown outstanding results of glycerides on gut morphology and the microbiome. Butyric glycerides optimize the animal’s intestinal environment and consequently improve production output.

  • ADWG
  • Meat yield
  • Meat quality
  • EPEF
  • FCR
  • Mortality

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