Support Body Defence

Support natural Body Defences, via Immune System functioning and suppress Inflammatory Response overreactions.

Immune system

Animal body defence systems are crucial for animal health and performance. Animals with a properly working immune system respond adequately to diseases and do not overreact when small challenges occur. Such overreactions can even restrict animal performance, limiting their genetic potential.

FRAmelco offers an application that supports animal immune system functioning and suppresses overreactions of the inflammatory response.

Inflammatory response

Inflammatory response occurs when tissue is injured by bacteria, trauma, toxins, heat, or other causes. If we can manage to reduce the negative impact of pro-inflammatory processes by supplying anti-inflammatory compounds, we are one step closer to achieving 100% of the animal’s genetic potential.

When inflammation is induced, body defence mechanisms produce Nitric Oxide (NO) starting an unfortunate series of events that disturbs the equilibrium of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria in the intestines. When “bad” bacteria take over, more inflammation is induced, and this will eventually lead to further degradation of the inflamed area. This series of events becomes very hard to recover from naturally. Therefore, it is essential to find a way to break this vicious cycle.

Suppress inflammation with FRA Body Defence

Glycerides have a desirable effect on inflammatory response. Research has shown that glycerides:

  • Reduce macrophage activity
  • Therefore, reduce Nitric Oxide (NO) production
  • In turn, down regulate the pro-inflammatory response
  • Suppress T-cell functioning

As a result, inflammation is suppressed reducing stress in the intestinal environment of the animal.

  • ROI
  • Growth rate
  • Final body weight
  • Support vaccination effects
  • FCR
  • Mortality

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