Future-proof solutions

Researching & delivering future-proof solutions for the global feed industry. We are FRAmelco. Bringing Additive Value for all, the animals & your wallet.

FRA Feed Additives:
based on research, developed with care

Feed additives have proven to be a successful tool to Control Pathogens, support animal Body Defence systems, stimulate Intestinal Health and improve Nutrient Efficiency.

Combining years of practical experience with theoretical knowledge constructed the framework that implements FRA Feed Additives on specific challenges in livestock farming.


  • Gram+ & Gram- bacteria
  • Fat-enveloped viruses


  • Immune system
  • Inflammatory response


  • Nutrient digestibility
  • Nutrient absorption


  • Microbiome balance
  • Intestinal integrity

INvesting in profitability

FRAmelco takes care of its business partners and people with innovative and ambitious solutions. By developing and delivering the highest quality feed additives, we invest in animal health and your profitability.

Healthier animals contribute to a healthier business

Healthier animals show an increased ADWG and a reduction of FCR. FRA Feed Additives are designed to increase production output while lowering production costs. Maximizing gross profit and contributing to a healthier business.

#AdditiveValue for all, the animals & your wallet

In a world with an increased consciousness for antibiotic resistance through meat consumption, we need to focus on natural alternatives without undesirable side-effects.

FRAmelco manufactures feed additives that are a healthy choice for animals and ourselves. As pathogens are unable to develop resistance against certain applications, they are a future-proof solution for the livestock industry.

Together we can leave a world behind, a little bit better than when we found it.

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