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researching & delivering future-proof solutions
for the global feed industry

We are FRAmelco. Bringing Additive Value for all,
the animals & your wallet.

Building a global business

Founded in 1977 and operating from the Netherlands, FRAmelco began to expand their business. Over the years, a network of business units was built, strategically distributed over several continents. Resources, production and development are aligned to facilitate an efficient and effective distribution of innovative feed additive concepts.

By focusing on evidence-based technologies, the benefits of FRA Feed Additives gained popularity. Resulting in long-lasting relationships and a strong network of partners.

contributing to a
future friendly world

Because what’s good for the animals, is good for us all.

The environment today

By making smart use of feed additives, we can drastically reduce our livestock’s environmental footprint while improving animal welfare.

Ultimately, leaving behind the era of antibiotics.

How we contribute

We commit to developing future-proof solutions for the global feed industry. We’ll keep providing new solutions based on technological innovation.

We contribute to healthy animals, a healthy business and a healthy planet.

since 1977

1977: The FRA-brand originates from 1977, starting with the foundation of Franklin.

2007: Start of FRAmelco feed additives and the focus on substitutes for antibiotics.

2008: The 1st company worldwide to introduce alpha-monoglycerides.

2012: Setting up production facility in Spain.

2014: Introducing lysolecithins as fat emulsifiers.

2017: Expansion of development & production: hydrolysed soy lecithins.

2019: Expanding Thailand plant – Better supply for the South East Asian market.

2020: Acquired by Adisseo: accelerate even faster, together with Adisseo, a Bluestar Company.

Investing in animal health and profitability

FRAmelco takes care of its business partners and people with innovative and ambitious solutions. By developing & delivering the highest quality feed additives, we invest in animal health and your profitability.

FRA feed additives effectively Control Pathogens, support animal Body Defence systems, stimulate Intestinal Health and improve Nutrient Efficiency. Aiming to leave the era of antibiotic usage behind.


  • Gram+ & Gram- bacteria
  • Fat-enveloped viruses


  • Immune system
  • Inflammatory response


  • Microbiome balance
  • Intestinal integrity


  • Nutrient digestibility
  • Nutrient absorption


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