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After restrictions on Antibiotic Growth Promotors (AGPs), the industry still requires an all-encompassing solution as pathogens and other challenges keep burdening livestock production and animal performance.

Future-proof solutions in 4 core application areas

Feed additives are an effective solution to Control Pathogens, support animal Body Defence systems, stimulate Intestinal Health and improve Nutrient Efficiency. Aiming to leave the era of antibiotic usage behind.

FRAmelco has over 40 years experience in feed additive concepts that improve animal health and performance. In close collaboration with renowned international universities and research facilities, FRAmelco develops and manufactures innovative feed additive solutions to overcome worldwide challenges in animal industries.


  • Gram+ & Gram- bacteria
  • Fat-enveloped viruses


  • Immune system
  • Inflammatory response


  • Microbiome balance
  • Intestinal integrity


  • Nutrient digestibility
  • Nutrient absorption

glycerides & lysolecithins

We are market leader with glycerides and a strong worldwide contender in lysolecithins. Get to know the features and benefits of our core technologies and learn how our products promote animal health & performance.


FRAmelco develops a product range consisting of glyceride applications based on patented technologies. Offering multiple blends to target industry-specific challenges.


FRAmelco offers a product range with natural sources of hydrolysed lecithins that are designed to improve feed efficiency and considerably reduce production costs.

researching & delivering worldwide

FRAmelco collaborates with a global network of business partners to collect data and results from the field. Translated by our R&D department into useful information, this enables us to continuously innovate our feed additive concepts. Backed-up by our in-house laboratories, distributed over multiple continents, we are able to deliver #AdditiveValue to our worldwide end-users.

New in our product line-up
Drinking water system cleaners & animal housing hygiene products

A safe hygienic environment is crucial to keep animals healthy. Complementary to FRA feed solutions, FRAmelco offers brand-new drinking system cleaners and animal housing hygiene products:

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